Mr. S.N. Srikanth
Mr. S.N. Srikanth is CEO and Senior Partner of Hauer Associates. He works extensively in the areas of private investment in ports, public private partnership and coastal (short sea) shipping.
team pageMr. Srikanth has a rare blend of operations and consulting experience, having also served as Managing Director of Hauers Lines, a shipping line which he has since sold, as Trustee (Director) on the Board of the Chennai Port, India's eastern gateway and as a member of the high powered National Shipping Board, a statutorily created body to advise the Government of India on shipping policy. He has presented papers on port and shipping dynamics at a number of international commercial conferences and academic forums. He was a member of the Task Force for the Maritime MBA in Indian Maritime University. 'Strategic Risk Management in Ports' a paper co-authored by Mr. Srikanth, originally presented at the Imperial College, London has been published by Informa in their Lloyd's Practical Shipping Guides series.

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